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Sama Sama 2017 Week 2: Kwentuhan!

Sama Sama Week 2 (July 3-7) focused on Kwentuhan, or story-telling. Una (first),  the campers learned about the power of  our Filipino oral tradition of non-linear story telling. Tapos(then),  they learned that the resilience of our ancestors is strengthened by passing down our stories and by cultivating indigenous plants and produce. Tapos, campers had the opportunity to make kwento with another Filipino summer camp, Galing Bata, whose survival in the South of Market (fighting gentrification) is testament to the strength of our diasporic community.


Sama Sama visited Namu Farms, a Korean farm in Sunol. Campers heard from Farmer Kristyn Leach about seed saving and farming as an act of liberation. They learned stories about glass gem corn and amaranth. To learn more about Namu Farms check out this podcast from Delicious Revolution.



Filipina Chef and Farmer, Aileen Suzara, also founder of Sariwa and Kitchen Kwento showed campers how to make Bilo-bilo(sticky rice ball) using the natural red pigment of beets to color this delicious meryenda.


Last year Sama Sama began a CIT program to engage and train Filipino young adults to support the Teachers and engage the campers. This year, we are lucky to have three incredible CITs. Below are reflections from two of them.


Jakriza Cabrera studied at UC Santa Barbara and is pursuing a career in education:
“It is amazing to see children grasp concepts and practice which were only introduced to me in college. It’s equally invigorating to meet the educators and parents who are so eager to create a safe space for the children to explore and learn their Filipino identity and expand their landscape. I also feel there is a sense of holistic development with the variety of activities, the choice of language and attitude presented and encouraged.”


Gab Ferrer is a fine arts major at UP Diliman and visiting California for the summer:
“Pangalawa, ang energy ng mga bata sa pagluluto at paglilinis, sa paglalaro (syempre), at sa pasasalamat. Pati na rin ang kanilang galak sa pagkakanta ng mga filipino dishes na inihahanda nila kasama si Tita Aileen. Their energy and curiosity towards our culture, is a gift. That was heartwarming.”



Once again, Sama Sama campers mingled with youth from San Francisco’s Galing Bata program, a program in the South of Market that supports 1st generation Filipino youth. Spanning generations of immigration, Sama Sama shared their rendition of Joey Ayala’s “Agila”, while Galing Bata youth shared videos and dance performances.