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Sama Sama Selected as a 2014 Torchlight Prize Finalist

We’re excited to announce that Sama Sama Co-op has been selected as a finalist for the 2014 Torchlight Prize! Each year, up to four community groups are chosen to receive a $10,000 prize as recognition for their work to strengthen communities. This year’s winners will be announced in September, so keep following us on Facebook for updates. We’re one step closer!

Awarded annually by Oakland, California-based Family Independence Initiative, the Torchlight Prize was designed to recognize and invest in the initiative of everyday people who come together to strengthen their communities—people like Sama Sama’s members. The winning groups don’t wait for policy-makers, service agencies, or philanthropy to step in to improve their lives. Instead—like us—they take the initiative to set their own priorities and create their own solutions.

“Sama Sama filled gaps of history and culture that I experienced being born and raised in the United States. My daughter’s own journey of cultural identity will begin so young in a safe and nurturing space with unique learning opportunities provided at Sama Sama.”  — Frolayne Carlos, Sama Sama Co-op Member

Along with 10 community groups from all across the country, we are in the running to receive one of this year’s $10,000 prizes, which will be awarded following the official winners announcement this September.

If Sama Sama Co-op wins, we’ll join the ranks of other grassroots community groups that have been honored with a Torchlight Prize for addressing issues like domestic and community violence, cultural preservation, and immigrant rights.