About Us

We're more than just a summer camp.

What is Sama Sama?

Sama Sama Summer Camp is an outdoor day camp for children ages 5-11 years-old. Located in the East Bay, the camp is designed to provide children a fun, engaging and critical way of exploring the intersections of culture, arts, and ecology. With Tagalog language immersion, indigenous music, dance, and exploration of our ecological heritage, Sama Sama is a summer camp experience unlike any other.

Sama, means “All together” in Tagalog. As a cooperative-run camp, families contribute their time, resources, and talent to create an enriching experience. Sama Sama is also a space for intergenerational learning and teaching. Our young people and elders have much to share with one another, and through dialogue, interactive learning opportunities, we can better understand ourselves, our history, and our part in the Philippine diaspora.

For current dates, times, and camp description, please check our News and Updates page.

Who are we?

In 2014, a group of five Pilipina mamas came together to talk about the possibility of creating a summer camp where their children could learn Tagalog, learn about their culture, and be outdoors. We wanted our children to learn about their rich history and heritage!  We  envisioned a learning environment that would “fill the gaps” of their formal school education. We also recognized the power of learning in community  and so the idea of Sama Sama Cooperative was born.

We are a collective of first, second, and third generation Pilipino-American parents, community organizers, artists, activists, professionals and educators living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Together, we are creating meaningful learning experiences rooted in what it means to be Pilipino and Pilipino-American.

Our Values

We value the rich cultural arts of the Philippines. Through music, movement, visual arts, and storytelling we reconnect to our roots within the current and historical context of the Philippines and the United States.

We value language. We believe that language unifies people and is a cornerstone of culture. As first and second generation Pilipinos, learning Tagalog restores part of our culture that has been stripped away by colonization and assimilation. When we reclaim language, we foster our own healing and resilience.

We value child-centered, inquiry-based, and hands-on learning. We are dedicated to raising consciousness in an engaging learning environment.

We value the interdependence of people and place. We believe that our migration story is tied closely to the land and sea. We strive to nurture children’s intrinsic curiosity for their natural environment while uncovering the wisdom of our ecological heritage.

Sama Sama is a space for the plural identities of being Pilipino, Pinay, Fil-Am, Filipina. We encourage and support children to find their own Pilipino identity.